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13 Portraits

Belec Tratas was a side project I worked on for years. Both a pseudonym and a body of work with a unified concept and approach. Each painting showcases a celebrity with a somewhat scandalous past. Each painting is meticulously composed with props, people, and symbols that collectively narrate the life story of the celebrity. 

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Many years ago I took on a bizarre celebrity portrait commission in order to raise some cash for my trip to Burning Man. The person who commissioned that first painting loved it so much that they became a major patron, ordering 12 more paintings,

all sharing a similar concept and composition.

I created this body of work over the course of four years while completing my product design degree.

The commissions from the paintings helped pay for

a significant portion of my college expenses.

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Portrait Gallery

Explore the alternate versionsthat could have been

S_Drake alternate version
S_Joe Rogan sketch 1
Dwayne Johnson Sketch Version 1
Conor Alternate Sketch
Bieber Alternate sketch

GlimpseInto theProcess

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