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Hello, I'm Arotin Hartounian.
Designer / Artist / Creative Thinker


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Art Work

Image by Teodor Terziev

About Me

My first passion has been drawing and painting people. While most people found the challenge of recreating a person’s likeness daunting, I was excited by how minor changes in proportions, details and relationships would come together to create a distinctive identity.

My second passion in life is festivals. I feel rejuvenated and calm by the over-stimuli of large gatherings of people, often scaling back my perspective to reflect on how the people, installations, and infrastructure come together to become one cohesive being.

My third passion in life is design, a constant oscillation of these two extremes. Like portrait drawing, I am driven to observe the many elements and details, interpret their relationships, and bring them together to create a cohesive product, service, or experience. I marvel at the complexity of economics and its striking similarities to ecology.I am equally interested in the life cycle of a product as the product itself, equally interested in the driving forces of consumerism than the business itself, equally interested in the details as the larger systemic view.

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If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, propositions, requests, or greetings feel

free to contact me. Let's talk.


Austin, Texas

Tel: 818-640-3657

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